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In the interest of full transparency IPV informs you that the fees are calculated as follows:


First consultation: € 120 including VAT (limited to one hour)


Any file in the matters practiced in the firm:



For individuals, the hourly rate varies according to a range from 145 € excluding VAT to 195 € excluding VAT per started hour depending on the difficulty and complexity of the case. For companies, the hourly rate varies between 175 € excluding VAT and 300 € excluding VAT per started hour. The rate for the file is set during the first meeting. For the sake of simplicity, in all cases, the time for reading or writing a simple email (ie 2-3 lines) shall be fixed as 5 minutes. Similarly, the call duration is calculated for every 5 minutes.


Provisions: € 1.000 excluding VAT per particular file.
Provisions: € 1.500 excluding VAT per company file.


Legal Interim Management:         


The hourly rate is set at € 120 VAT excluded per started hour.


Debt collection:


Fees are limited to the sum of the amount of  : the legal compensation (basic amount), the amount of the penalty and interest for late payment
Provisions: € 550 excluding VAT per case (uncontested claims)

Success fee : 5-10 % depending on the file




Fees for any accomplishment in emergency are increased by 30%.



Late Payment or lack of payment


In case of late payment or lack of payment we charge an interest at a rate of 12 % per annum and fixed damages at a rate of 15 % on the unpaid amount. 







 Type of fee Amount excluding VAT
 Opening file â‚¬ 75
 Typing of letters â‚¬ 10 / page
 Typing of legal acts â‚¬ 15 / page
 Fax sent or received â‚¬ 0.5 / page
 E-mail sent or received â‚¬ 0.25 / e-mail
 Black and white copies â‚¬ 0.5 / page
 Color copies â‚¬ 1 / page
 Registered sending â‚¬ 8 / sending
 National call â‚¬ 0.5 / 5 minutes
 International call â‚¬ 1.5 / 5 minutes
 Call to mobile â‚¬ 1.5 / 5 minutes
 Travelling costs â‚¬ 0.85 / km
 Closing and archiving â‚¬ 25



Expenses are the remuneration of other interveners such as bailiffs, translators, experts etc ... or expenses such as court fees, fees for obtaining administrative acts etc ...


IPV does not advance expenses. These must be paid by the client directly to the concerned intervener.