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IPV provides the following services:


  • Personalized advice on appointment;
  • Develops customised contract;
  • Represents you and argues your case before the courts;
  • Moves within your business for temporary assignments, consultancy and management;
  • Recovers your outstanding debts amicably by judicial means and offers free available models of formal notices on this site.


All services are provided in the six official languages โ€‹โ€‹of the firm:

English, French, Dutch, Italian, German and Albanian.



Legal Advice:


- Consultations by appointment in the matters dealt with by the firm;


- Review of the legality and contemporaneous of general conditions, mentions on websites, specific contractual clauses, statutes, declarations, notifications, invoices, warnings, etc.;


- Introduction of notifications required by the legislature;




IPV examines the legality of your existing contractual clauses and carries out updates that take into account new laws and new jurisprudence.


Depending on your needs, customized contracts can be developed. Detailed pricing is communicated to you at the first meeting. This varies depending on the complexity of the contracts, the specificity of the material, and the number of contracts that are to be drafted.



Defence & Justice :


IPV will assist and / or represent you in front of the different rooms of arbitration, administrative courts including the Council of State, the Courts of the Kingdom, with the exception of the Court of Cassation.

IPV advocates in the three official languages of French, Dutch and German.


In 2003, Ms. I. Pango-Vermeersch was nominated for the prestigious Boels award of the Brussels Bar, rewarding the best litigator among young lawyers.


Legal Interim Management :


IPV works actively to perform its services within your company, when:


- You are facing a crisis;


- You need a manager to take care of legal emergencies and need time to hire a suitable legal manager during your research for the ideal candidate on the labour market;


- You are facing a temporary increase in workload on legal matters;


- You are facing organizational problems following the entry into force of new legislation;


- You must have a comprehensive review of the legality of conventions, regulations and codes of good conduct;


- You must make the notifications required by various laws;


- You must translate internal documents, regulations and international conventions in the language of the firm.


The minimum duration of a mission is three months, for two days a week.